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About Amalthea

Founded in 2010, Amalthea is the annual technical summit(and NOT a TECHFEST)organized by IIT Gandhinagar.The focus is purely on spreading technical knowledge and suffusing enthusiasm in minds to work for the greater good of man. Bringing together the best minds from industrial and academic worlds and providing a platform of interaction with them, Amalthea promises to entice every prospective engineer. Providing an avenue for showcasing innovative products developed at IITGN, we see the best technology being incubated here in the years to come. Moving minds with intellectual stimulation like no other event could is where we see Amalthea in a few years.

The RAINBOW: Vision of Amalthea
  1. We believe that in order to bring out the best of each contributing member, freedom to execute what he/she believes in is of utmost importance.
  2. We persevere to stay on the path that is destined for the highest levels of professional standards and achieve the relentless execution of every goal set.
  3. Amalthea is one event where impetus is being laid on mainstream problems of India in particular and world at large with a focus on developmental agendas to meet the need of the hour.
  4. We aspire to be the SUMMIT that sets standards gaining critical acclamation and recognition from the Industry and Gujarat Government as well as the Central government.
  5. We aim to take forward the baton of tomorrow’s engineering leadership by creating opportunities for the students to be potential industry attachments and recruits of the most sought after industry learning experiences.
  6. We take pride that in our ability to create means that enable the realization of highest of goals and standards set by IIT Gandhinagar.
  7. We believe that the success and “harnessability” of Amalthea is a function of student involvement. Hence, it is the prerogative of IIT Gandhinagar student body to believe that their contributions in terms of ideas and efforts will help enrich and add to the value of the Amalthea experience.
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