IIT Gandhinagar
Annual Tech
Tech Expo
Amalthea '19 | 19-20 October

Present Exhibitors

Arogyam Medisoft Solution pvt. Ltd. ( Haemurex Analyser)
IoT based digital solutions in the field of healthcare and agriculture

Teksun lab [T-lab] (Product design, development and services)
Product details: Sensors, trackers and embedded systems

Recycled Plastic Composite Product

Advanced fire safety equipments

Electric Car

A global company with applications in aerospace, automotive and industrial

Smart Node (Home automation)
The vision is to convert each and every Indian home into a smart home

AR, VR, Drones

Indro 3.0 (Tallest humanoid robot of India)

Latest 3D print technology
Attractions: 3D pen

Robotic Arm, Strandbeest Robot, 3d Printer Parts and BCI System.

FT&S Mindlink EEG headband along with Brain controlled car.

Electric Folding Cycle

Mascot (Universal robot)

Zatun: Gaming and VR experience.
Games include : Sniper Rust, Legend of Vraz, Truck Zombie.


Past Exhibitors


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