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Amalthea '19 | 19-20 October
The Symposium aims to connect people from various industries with each other as well as academicians and industry experts. The collaborate and discuss the different challenges and difficulties faced in technological aspects of our society. As people with similar interests interact, ideas and solutions come out.

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Drug Discovery and Distribution: Taking a Leap

Each year, Amalthea hosts a Symposium on a particular theme featuring speakers and audience working on the same line. The theme for the Symposium '19 is Drug Discovery and Distribution: Taking a Leap.

We aim at organising a symposium in pharma-management that discusses how drugs, especially the essential medicines that cure deadly diseases can be made available to the society easily and at their convenience. We will not only talk about existing methods, technology, policy framework and ongoing research but also about future innovations to ease the process. This will serve as a platform not only to inform each other about existing processes but also to ideate and collaborate.


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