What is Symposium?

The Symposium at Amalthea provides a platform for experts, scholars, enthusiasts and prospective clients with common interests to share their expertise, research and advances. It strives to bring together prospective collaborators and allow them to have a constructive exchange of ideas and perspectives. The theme for Symposium this year is: ‘Advancing Solar Power Generation’.

Why ‘Advancing Solar Power Generation’?

Solar power is a very promising renewable energy source of power generation that can lead to a more sustainable solution of the energy requirements. In the next decade, India’s energy profile will have solar power as a crucial component. The Symposium aims to realize the immense potential and emerging opportunities in this sector by holding a fruitful discussion on the challenges,problems and possible solutions.

Present Speakers

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Subrahmanyam Pulipaka

Founder Soreva Energy Group

Jaideep Malaviya

CEO Malaviya Solar Energy Consultancy

Pranav Mehta

Chairman National Solar Energy Federation of India (NSEFI)

Sameer Patwardhan

CTO PC Technologies, USA

Dr. Kasivisvanathan Chelvakumar

Visiting Professor IIT Gandhinagar

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