What is the Symposium?

The Symposium at Amalthea provides a platform for experts, scholars, enthusiasts and prospective clients with common interests to share their expertise, research and advances.It strives to bring together prospective collaborators and allow them to have a constructive exchange of ideas and perspectives.The theme for Symposium this year is: ‘Advancing Solar Power Generation’.

Why ‘Advancing Solar Power Generation’ ?

Solar power is a very promising renewable energy source of power generation that can lead to a more sustainable solution of the energy requirements. In the next decade, India’s energy profile will have solar power as a crucial component. The Symposium aims to realize the immense potential and emerging opportunities in this sector by holding a fruitful discussion on the challenges,problems and possible solutions.

Nikhil Padte

Founder JANGS Technologies

Nitin Banait

Director Rising Sun Technologies

Jayendran Balasubramanian

Co-Founder Taykit

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Contact us at symposium@amalthea.iitgn.ac.in.

Past Speakers