The symposium at Amalthea provides a medium for industrialists, researchers, and experts to collaborate and discuss the various challenges and difficulties faced in advancing certain technological aspects of our society. As brilliant minds with the same goals meet, ideas and solutions are bound to come out. Individuals with exemplary work in the sector work out a relevant problem and reach a solution through healthy discussion and debate. The Symposium also provides a platform for budding researchers to connect with fellow researchers and experts from the field.


This Year’s Theme: “Climate Change: Connecting Science, Industry and Policy” In recent years, Climate Change has become the most pressing issue for humankind. Amidst these times, the need for cohesion between science, industry and policy- the three most crucial fields that can bring about Climate Change action, is imperative. Thus, we aim to provide a platform for discussion and deliberation amongst experts from these three vital fields. We envision the symposium to give a vivid picture of the latest scientific developments, how industry implements these new methods to embrace climate change, and how policy decisions could facilitate the real-world implementation of the same.


Date : December 13, 2020
Time : 10 am to 1 pm IST


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