About the Conclave

The Conclave at Amalthea aims to spread the power of ideas and perseverance. It seeks to host discourse on concepts, experiences, challenges and their unique solutions, so as to spread knowledge and foster innovation, inquisitiveness and creativity among the masses.

The Conclave shall feature visionary thinkers, pioneers and leaders from various fields sharing their experiences, expertise and research with an aspiring audience over the course of the two days. They shall cover the theme this year, "Integrating Technologies". The talks shall lay emphasis on the immense potential that is in this interdisciplinary amalgamation and its power to realise the endless possibilities in field of science and technology to improve the lives of millions of people around the globe.

Our Speakers

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Dr. Aloknath De

CTO Samsung R&D India

Trishneet Arora

CEO TAC Security

Dr. K. K. Narayanan

Managing Director Metahelix Life Sciences

Kush Saxena

CTO Mastercard

Dr. Jitendra Nath Goswami

Former Chief Scientist Chandrayaan - 1

Mr. S. Sivakumar

Head of Industrial Design Royal Enfield


Day 1

Event/Speaker Time
Inaugration 9:45
Mr. Kush Saxena 10:15
Dr. Aloknath De 11:15
Lunch Break
Dr. K.K. Narayanan 14:00
Dr. J.N. Goswami 15:30

Day 2

Event/Speaker Time
Mr. Trishneet Arora 11:00
Mr. S. Sivakumar 15:00