Amalthea strives to bring together the best minds from various fields of the industrial and academic worlds to a common platform. Since its inception, Amalthea has evolved to enlighten enthusiasts through mutually beneficial interaction with people by sharing of scientific and technological know-how.

With the motive of spreading knowledge to each and as many individuals as possible, campus ambassadors will play a key role in furthering the purposes and aspirations of Amalthea.

Internship Oppurtunities

Rewards and Certificates

Be the leader of your College

I)You will get an opportunity to improve your communication skills while interacting with numerous people from different backgrounds and places.

II)You will get to build up your micro and macro managerial skills along with your coordination abilities.

III)All campus ambassadors will be rewarded with Campus Ambassador certificates

IV)Selected Campus Ambassadors will be rewarded with personalized Amalthea merchandise.

V) Selected Campus Ambassadors will get an opportunity to intern with White Panda.

I)Publicize Amalthea by installing posters (provided by Amalthea) on bulletins and notice boards of your Institute within 2-3 days of receiving them.

II)Act as a point of contact with the student community of your respective Institute for any queries and clarifications pertaining to Amalthea.

III)Act as a mediator between Amalthea and your Institute to obtain permissions to conduct events, workshops or any other promotional activity in the Institute.

IV)Publicize Amalthea on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and others by liking our posts, sharing them, etc.