Tech-Reboot: Necessity rather than requirement

Credits to Bhavya Gupta

“I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them” These words were said by Isaac Asimov who was a popular fiction writer in the 80’s. He had no idea what did the future behold. In today’s world certainly, there is no shortage of computers but an excess of it. So if he was alive right now his words would have been “ I do fear the technology. I fear for the humanity “. The computer is replaced by the word technology because this is 2018 and technology is not restricted to only computers.

Why is there a need for technological revolution or tech-reboot as I like to call it? Despite being talks of robots conquering earth, we know that humans would surely outthink them. We are survivors and we will always be. It is not required for our survival but for our advancement. Technology is not defined by how to make our lives more complex but by how to make our life much more simpler and better. Surely the latest technologies are making our life much more complex. Despite being so much safety methods on the internet there are still data leaks, easy way to do our work has not ensured better lifestyle, and sustainable development is nothing but a myth. We need individuals that can arrest this flow of technological stagnation and give rise to a new era of technological development.

So what is Tech-Reboot? Basically, it is when the technology works hand in hand with the humans to make the world a better place to live. When technocrats will not update something but invent something. When the technology will not be limited to youngsters but to all people. When the advancement in technology is not defined by G’s of internet available but by how to stop fake messages from spreading.

Reaching this objective would not be easy. It would require an enormous amount of hard work and patience. Hundreds and thousands of intelligent and brilliant people would have to fight against the current flow to reach that state. It would take time but we all know Rome wasn’t built in a day. The most important part is to start and all that it requires is an idea.