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IIT Gandhinagar Annual Tech Summit
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What is the Campus Ambassador Programme?
The campus ambassador programme of Amalthea, IIT Gandhinagar is one of its kind. It allows you to develop leadership, team-building, communication and crowd-pulling skills by associating with one of the best institutes of India. We aim to create a network of strong, like-minded students willing to become representatives of Amalthea at their institutions. Take a look at the site to know the benefits of becoming a campus ambassador.

About us
Amalthea is the Annual Technical Summit of IIT Gandhinagar and the only student run summit in India. Into its Decennial edition, with the theme ‚ÄúTranscending Boundaries‚ÄĚ Amalthea will be organized on the 19th and the 20th October. As one of the largest events of its kind in Gujarat, Amalthea has been attracting large crowds of engineers, professionals, school and college students over the years. Amalthea seeks to bring together the best minds from various fields to spread knowledge among the masses in ways to help them strive for a more prosperous future.

Why become a campus ambassador?
Communication skills:
Becoming a campus ambassador, you have the opportunity to talk to people and convince them to participate in Amalthea. This enables you to develop confidence and improve your ability to express your points clearly and firmly.

Leadership skills:
While pitching for an event, your confidence matters. The more you address, high your confidence becomes. Having high confidence is an essential skill for a leader. It improves the way of putting forth your ideas.

Expanding network:
By becoming a campus ambassador, you are associating yourself with one of the best institutes of India. You also get to interact with the best minds, thus expanding your network.

Time Management:
Being a campus ambassador, you have responsibilities. By managing both your college and Amalthea commitments efficiently, you will learn time essential management skills.


1.   Top 5 CAs will get the latest MI band.
2.   Top 10 CAs will get exclusive Amalthea merchandise.
3.   Top 20 CAs will get exciting food coupons at Amalthea.

Apart from this, all the CAs will get official Amalthea, IIT Gn certificate (Terms and conditions apply).
Note: Only if you cross a certain number of points, will you be considered eligible for availing the incentives.


1.    Follow Amalthea on various social media platforms.
2.   Like Amalthea posts on social media platforms and convince others to do the same.
3.   Putting posters sent by us on the notice boards of your institutes.
4.   Help the marketing team of Amalthea to market the summit in your institute.
5.   Help in getting permission for different marketing visits and orientations.
6.   Get registrations for various events conducted by Amalthea.
7.   Get participation in Amalthea on the D-Day.

The list is not exhaustive, and you might be expected to do more as a campus ambassador as per requirements.

Contact Us

Ajinkya Pawar
+91 962 301 1800, +91 787 444 0560

Pradip Prajapati
+91 972 727 4937

Yash Kamble
+91 887 951 5322

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