Low Cost Automation


What is the Symposium?

The Symposium at Amalthea seeks to serve as a platform for scholars, enthusiasts and prospective clients with common interests to share their expertise and discuss their research and advances. It strives to bring together prospective collaborators and allow them to have a constructive exchange of ideas and perspectives.

Why "Low-Cost Automation"?

With the theme Low-Cost Automation, the Symposium this year seeks to host a discourse on the application of automation to improve productivity and to discuss its impacts on the Indian Scenario, especially with campaigns like "Make in India". With this Symposium, we seek to address the 3 main factors that will make India into a global hub for manufacturing are productivity, quality of services and products and a large number of jobs.

N Ramakrishnan

N. Ramakrishnan
Visiting Professor, IIT Gandhinagar

Nikhil Padte

Nikhil Padte
Founder of JANGS Technologies

Nitin Banait

Nitin Banait
Director of Rising Sun Technologies

Jayandran B

Jayendran Balasubramanian
Co-Founder of Taykit

S Rajendran

S. Rajendran
Associate Teaching Professor IIT Gandhinagar


Morning - Presentations
Introduction to LCA
Different LCA Technologies
Examples & Case studies
Future of LCA

Afternoon - Panel Discussion
How can the SMEs be helped?
How do we balance Wealth Generation & Employment Generation?
How to improve Institute - Industry Relations
Discuss an economic model for implementation.