Free Shuttle (Bus) Service Routes and Timings

IIT Gandhinagar is running a free shuttle service from Vishwakarma Government Engineering College (VGEC), Chandkheda to IIT Gandhinagar, Palaj and back. Scroll down for details of the bus route and the bus timings.

Important Information
Photo Identity Card (Passport, Aadhar, Driving License, College ID-Card, etc.) is compulsory in order to enter the campus of Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar. Please carry a proof of identity with you when travelling on the shuttle - this will be checked on reaching the campus.

From VGEC to Palaj

Route 1: VGEC Gate―Rakshashakti Circle―Infocity(Crossing DAIICT)―Pathikashram Bus Stop―Sector 21―Palaj
Route 2: VGEC Gate - Raksha Shakti Circle - Palaj
Time (From VGEC Gate) Route Number Route
09:00 1 VGEC Gate―Infocity(crossing DAIICT)―Palaj
10:00 2 VGEC Gate―Palaj
11:00 1 VGEC Gate―Infocity(crossing DAIICT)―Palaj
12:00 2 VGEC Gate―Palaj
14:00 1 VGEC Gate―Infocity(crossing DAIICT)―Palaj
15:00 2 VGEC Gate―Palaj
16:00 1 VGEC Gate―Infocity(crossing DAIICT)―Palaj
17:00 2 VGEC Gate―Palaj
From Palaj to VGEC

Route 1: Palaj―Sector 21―Pathikashram Bus Stop―Infocity(Crossing DAIICT)―Rakshashakti Circle―VGEC GATE
Route 2: Palaj―Rakshashakti Circle―VGEC Gate
Time (From Palaj) Route Number Route Details
09:00 1 Palaj―Infocity(crossing DAIICT)―VGEC Gate
10:00 2 Palaj―VGEC Gate
11:00 2 Palaj―Infocity(crossing DAIICT)―VGEC Gate
12:00 1 Palaj―VGEC Gate
14:00 2 Palaj―Infocity(crossing DAIICT)―VGEC Gate
15:00 2 Palaj―VGEC Gate
16:00 1 Palaj―Infocity(crossing DAIICT)―VGEC Gate
17:00 2 Palaj―VGEC Gate