About Exhibition

Exhibition provides a platform to showcase technologies and products to the inquisitive and interested public that includes students, designers, engineers, academicians, entrepreneurs, and investors. Acknowledging the role of energy efficient technologies, sustainable growth in the renewable or alternative energy sector in contrast to rising energy demands of the future, Amalthea 2015 will feature an expo on "Energy and Eco-friendly Technologies" . The expo will serve to provide a platform for showcasing modern day technologies and solutions relating to the improvement of global energy scenario.

Amalthea'15 Exhibitors

Phoenix Robotix : AurassureAir

A sleek, elegant, efficient and robust design houses a network of gas and particulate matter sensors which continuously monitors the pollutant concentration of the environment.


The cargo model has a huge implication in Various Large Scale Industries. These are totally battery driven vehicles, emit no polluting gas and make no noise, highly economical and easy to run.


Witness India's prized concept electric vehicle RexNamo live in action. With velocity reaching as high as 130kmph and battery life of 200kms this indigenous bike is one to watch out for.

kWatt Solutions

This is a solar powered compactor which ensures efficient and sustainable waste management in 3 simple steps:

  1. Solar Panels convert light to electricity
  2. Electric motor drives the compactor
  3. Wireless based efficient garbage collection

Mitti Cool

Mitticool is a natural refrigerator made entirely from clay to store the vegetables and fruits and also for cooling water. It cools the stored objects naturally without requiring any electricity or any other artificial form of energy.

Free Spirits Green Lab

Free Spirits Green Lab focuses on Rural Electrification. A major section of Free Spirits Green Lab's research and development focuses upon the development of rural parts of the world. Many applications and products are made specifically for the use of people living in rural areas. Foldable hybrid lighting system, mobile phone charger, motorbike based mobile phone charger are some of the products developed by them.


So many products like pens, paper, toilet roles etc are made by recycling of used Tetra Pak cartons.
The major product advantages are:

  • Made from 100% Recycled Tetra Pak
  • Unbreakable & Fire resistant
  • Anti Fungus – In all weather conditions
  • Low Heat absorption property, crack-free & easy to install
  • No effect on excessive exposure to sunlight/UV.
  • Can withstand a temperature range from -30 to +50 degree Celsius