24-25  OCTOBER
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In Quizzed

In Quizzed is back again this year in Amalthea’15 after its very successful second edition which featured 130 teams from all over Gujarat, to bamboozle and stupefy those who attempt to go head-to-head with questions sourced from all over the worlds of general knowledge and logical reasoning!
Do you think you have it in you to win this coveted quiz? Do you think you possess superior mental abilities to win this challenge?
If so, be there at Amalthea ‘15 to battle it out! We promise you, this time it’ll be bigger and better with the teams going national! A must-see event, with an assured neck and neck finish. Read More

TechKnow Quest

Are you a brainiac, a wanna-be Sherlock Holmes who loves to solve puzzles? If Yes! Then, don't miss out onTechKnow Quest @ Amalthea'15 which gives you an opportunity to rack your brains and win exciting prizes. This is an online treasure hunt competition. All you have to do is - answer the puzzles on our website when the event starts and be the first to finish it off! Puzzles will mostly be technical based, also testing your general knowledge. Connecting the clues is all you can do! Read More


Are you the type of person who can code their way out of any problem- simple or complex? Then D-Code is the one thing to look out for! After a staggering nation-wide response last year, we are pleased to bring you the second edition of D-Code at Amalthea’15, and this time, you can expect more complex challenges in C, C++ and Java programming languages. Many teams are expected to participate from colleges near and far. With many exciting problems and attractive prizes on offer, D- Code guarantees you an enthralling experience. Read More


Quiz-O-Tech is a science and technology quiz, first organized in Amalthea ’13. Topics in this quiz range from the booming software and IT industry to cutting edge research in physics and much more! In its first season, teams are arrived from schools all over the city of Ahmedabad to fight it out for the prestigious crown. In its second season, Quiz-o-Tech is set to be bigger and better with more exciting rounds and greater audience participation. This time, the quiz is set to enthrall quiz enthusiasts and promises an exciting battle. Read More


Innovent is a Science modelling competition .It is a big platform in Amalthea 15 to present your prototypes of your innovative ideas which benefits the society. In this competition young innovators and the future scientists have a great platform to present their blooming projects in front of the large crowd witnessing the event. This time the theme for Innovent is "JUGAAD" Read More


Earth quake, one of the disastrous acts of god is taking millions of lives every year. Many of the victims of earthquake died not because of their fault, they died because of infrastructural fault in design of buildings. Many of the prominent Indian cities lie in high damage seismic risk zones, New Delhi and Chandigarh being in Zone 4.

Here Amalthea’15 provides you an opportunity to present your ideas and a building model that can sustain in virtual earthquake conditions. No need that you should be civil engineering student or some architect, it’s a platform of innovation for everyone. Read More


Now a days natural disasters are increasing. More people die not because of the disasters but because of the lack of rescue operations. So we have to create such a robot which can reach to affected people quickly and rescue people. Read More

Falling Dominos

You must have seen "Tom and Jerry" in which Tom tries to catch Jerry by creating sequence of mechanisms. You will be making such an interesting real structure to solve the objective given to you on the spot within the time limit.


Rubik's Cube - The world's most sold toy has been puzzling humans since long. "Speedcubing" is a well-known sport with devoted communities, competitions, forums, shops etc and is no longer child's play.
This year in Amalthea we have organized an Official WCA Cubing competition(in association with SCMU), with lot's of prizes to be won and even more friends to be made. Read More



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