Timing : 14th October 12:30 onwards


Autonomous robots have wide reaching applications. From Bomb sniffing to finding humans in wreckage to home automation. Major problems faced by designs are power and reliable sensing mechanism. Some of these problems can be reduced by autonomous bots which can solve different kinds of maze. The purpose behind making a maze solver bot is that these type of bots can be used to identify the shortest path on digital maps. With the same motivation Amalthea provides you with an opportunity to design your own maze solver bot which can accomplish the above requirements.

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Timing : 14th October (i)Elemination Round: 10:00am Onwards
(ii)Final Round: 2:30pm onwards

The origin of the word 'quiz' is as difficult to pin down as the answers to some quizzes. As the time changed the meaning of this word changed and now we take it as 'testing knowledge by posing questions'. It is a great intellectual hobby which brings clever minds under one roof. '!nQuizzed' is a competition organised by IIT Gandhinagar during its technical summit Amalthea. It tests mental aptitude and logical skills of participants. Here, only wisdom is not enough to survive the round. You have to be quick, sharp and witty to save your head getting knocked off.

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Timing : 13th October 3:15 pm onwards

As we all know that the soldiers constitute a very important part of defense in any nation. They have to go in far remote places where the environmental conditions are extreme and it is really hard to survive, and many of them die due to lack of facilities during wars. The major problem they face is the indecorous transportation in such rough terrain. So we are trying to come up with a prototype which could accomplish the necessity.

With the same motivation, Amalthea presents you an opportunity to design your own all terrain bot which could overcome the obstacles and could survive the dead ends.

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